Power of Social Media in Brand building

Here is a fairy tale success story of ‘Bacon Salt’, a brand name which spread through social media networks like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter and achieved a grand success. ‘Bacon salt’ began as a joke between two buddies before it became an actual product marketed entirely through social media. Now it’s become an example of how social media can play a powerful role in brand building.

The only investment of these two buddies was online time. They just spread the word through social media networks and innovative online tools and applications. Even in the past, for small new entrepreneurs, word-of-mouth has been best low cost advertising option. Now with the aid of social media simple word-of-mouth spreads with great speed across the globe.

Yet this success cannot be put into formula and replicated by one and all. Same social media can work negatively too. Many a big brands have failed to harness the power of this new social communications and have gone back to their trusted PR agencies and old advertising and marketing strategies. This new trend of advertising using social networks and blogs to create a buzz and hope it gets amplified into success is nevertheless interesting!

Via Adweek

Bacon salt