Presenting The All New HL 3.4 Luxury Speakers From Albedo

One of the foremost names in the field of luxury speaker systems, Albedo, has now launched an all new HL 3.4 Speaker System, which is the successor to the company’s previous line if speaker systems, HL 1.2 and HL 2.2, that were comparatively much smaller than the new product. The HL 3.4 speakers sport a large drivers and Albedo has incorporated its home grown Helmholine system, thereby assuring enhanced performance and incredible high fidelity audio.

The Albedo HL 3.4 speaker system or Helmholine system consists of a wooden cabinet, along with a metal base, that enables the speakers to handle high volume levels, all the while maintaining the levels and integrity of the bass sound. Due to the combination of wood and metal, the HL 3.4 speaker system is able to provide phenomenal audio output and wooden cabinet makes a gorgeous addition to the living room. Furthermore, these incredible speaker systems have been provided with ceramic drivers, a sophisticate crossover and a metal chambered base, thereby enhancing their performance exponentially.

Via Six Moons