Presenting The All New Photographers Rights Gray Card Set From PetaPixel

Whether you are a photographer for a glamor magazine or for a reputed news agency, the world of photo journalism has now become an increasingly dangerous professions as more and more people have taken to harassing such photographers verbally as well as physically. Even though these media employees have a right to take the shots they suitable for the stories, yet their very own rights towards a fair and hard work are being challenged on an every day basis.

However, now a photography blog called, PetaPixel, has come out with an ingenious method of making sure that, the professional photographers are always equipped with their own set of rights, that they can display in case of a challenge. We are talking about the Photographers Rights Gray Card Set, the provides the photographers with a set of three durable white balance cards, that are imprinted with 10 guidelines for photography and these highly informative cards have been designed to be worn around the neck, for quicker access in case you need to show it to someone. The Photographers Rights Gray Card Set is available only for the residents of the U.S and comes with a price tag of $15 per set.

Via PetaPixel