Presenting The All New State Of The Art Carbon Fiber Jet Ski, Exoconcept EXO

If you thought that innovations in cleaner and greener transportation was focused entirely for roads, then you have to think again, as one of the innovation driven companies, Exoconcept, has now unveiled its latest creation, the Exoconcept EXO. Showcased at the prestigious Cannes Boat Show 2011, the Exoconcept EXO is essentially an electric jet ski that has been designed and developed to be an all-electric watercraft and the company prefers to call it a personal water scooter. The EXO with its zero emission properties is by far one of the coolest boys’ toys on the water and offers the customers a safe, green and exciting time cruising around in a lake or a river. However, the most remarkable feature of the EXO is that the entire watercraft has been manufactured from carbon fiber, thereby keeping it extremely lightweight and very durable.

The EXO has been infused with some of the most cutting edge design works and is said to be quite good at acceleration. The EXO from Exoconcept is powered by 7Kwh electrical engine that gets its juice from 4 racks of removable Li Fe PO4 batteries and has been incorporated with silent water-jet propulsion (Jet drive system). The EXO is being made available in both carbon fiber as well as reinforced ABS plastic finish, where in the carbon fiber variant comes with a 220/110 volts batteries charger device and will even provide the customers with optional custom paint job. As of now, there has been no word on the pricing of the EXO, but the company has stated that both variants of this remarkable personal water scooter will be available for purchase from the middle of 2012.

Via Exo-Concept