Prince William and Kate Middleton Marriage to Cost Britain a Lot

The British sure know how to be thrifty, and it is something that was recently learned after the country suffered major disruption of its economy thanks to the recession. However, certain British people do not seem to think a lot about the economic state, and especially where the tax payer’s money goes.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are surely going to get married and are the cynosure of the English and the world’s eyes, but it is proving to be a really expensive affair, especially for the Met. The cost of the event is expected to be more than 20 Million Pounds and one of the reasons for it is that the police officers would go double time. When thousands of police officers go double time that would mean that a lot of money is spent unnecessarily!

In fact, the royals could have just chosen a different date, instead of wasting so much of money when the Britain has already faced a lot of hardships due to the economic crises. The Met has actually sent a ‘begging letter’ to the Home Office describing its condition. I would say, the royals just had to calculate a bit before fixing their Royal Wedding.

Via: Daily Mail