Profiles In History To Auction Star Wars Lightsaber Plus Other Goodies

If you are the self-declared biggest Star Wars fan then this news will kick you right off your seat. You are in luck because Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz has gone off his rockers and has decided to auction off Luke’s saber. For those of you who are not into inter-galactic wars, Profiles in History will auction a bunch of stuff that you have always dreamed of getting your hands on.

Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber which is being considered as the hottest item at the moment is currently owned by Kurtz, but the saber can be all yours for just $185,000. Pretty cheap considering it made such an impact on the galaxy in The Empire Strikes Back! If that doesn’t interest you, you can always opt for the fedora hat and bullwhip used by Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom for the joint price of $122,000. Fans of robotics and destruction can choose one of the animatronic Gremlin puppets for $7000. Or you could choose to buy the book that rules them all: the Lord of the Rings trilogy signed by Tolkien that would leave you $124,000 poorer and yet happier.

Other hot items to be auctioned off on December 11th include a tunic worn by Marlon Brando in Superman ($51,000), a UFO from Forbidden Planet ($124,000) and C-3PO helmet ($83,000) and gloves ($30,000). The auction will take bids on over 500 movie related props from a host of popular movies. And now, excuse me; I need to see how much my money I have in my piggy bank.