Quimperlé Unveils Luxury Cruiser boat

MIG 675, hydrogen powered, France-based Company, the Quimperlé, has manufactured the luxury cruiser boat which will use ocean to be powered. You need not carry hydrogen tanks; it produces its own fuel by using the generator it creates the needed hydrogen by taking in the surrounding water to convert into energy. Traditional source of energy by hydrogen tanks on the board sometimes make you worry about tank’s exploding of the boat.

The other luxury amenities are teak flooring, shower, and toilet, bar fridge, LED navigation system, LCD screen for entertainment, audio system, 10 inch touch screen controller, rear view camera and depth finder. There is a sun deck where you could enjoy a party here. The aluminium hull provides lightness and durability. Emissions of the water boat produced are water vapours which is a by-product. Refuelling is not necessary. The boat uses hydrogen produced during navigation, there is no risk of fire. Mercruiser Motorization as well as adaptation kit makes you certain of its hundred percent production of hydrogen. Five people can be accommodated on board. If you order now it will be delivered in spring.

Aluminum-hulled boat measuring 22-ft in length and weighs about 2,866 pounds, has a cabin for three people and with 70 mph. Quimperié has not given much information about the engine. According to manufacturer it can be customized to the demands of customer with range of finishes such as bar, teak floor, sundeck, and leather interior. The technology does not pollute under water ecosystem and self sustaining. It is priced at $329,727.