RainDrops: A Water Harvesting Concept

Water scarcity will hit the world real badly in the coming years. Though the governments have foreseen this problem and have aimed to harvest rainwater in order to have a source of water that is not from water bodies, the plan has not really kicked off due to corruption and red tapism. However, this simple design by Evan Gant called the RainDrops seems to solve many problems related to harvesting rainwater.

All that the concept needs are empty plastic bottles, which catch rainwater, and the bottles are certainly the cheapest way of storing water. These bottles can be cleaned easily and maintained easily too, when compared to larger storage units. An attachment to the bottles allows free flowing water with which people can wash their hands and stay clean. RainDrops makes use of UV rays and the pathogens in the water would be killed easily.

The ultimate goal of this system is to collect water and purify it, and help people to access clean water for various purposes. The system comes with nozzles and waterproof bottles that don’t leak and make sure water is not wasted. This must be a hell of a design, which would help people living in poorer nations.

Via: YankoDesign