Ram’s Project Surya Replaces Biomass Fuels with Solar Cookers

Majority of the people in developing countries use dung, charcoal or wood to cook and heat things. The food prepared from such biomass fuels is indisputably delicious, but the carbon dioxide and soot these stoves emit are life threatening. A professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California San Diego, Veerabhadran (Ram) Ramanathan has thought of a concept project that would bid good bye to these hazardous fuels- Project Surya.

As a part of this project, 3,500 rural homes will be given solar cookers and the change in the emission of these greenhouse gases will be monitored. The people will also be provided with GPS enabled cell phones fitted with accelerometers. The kitchens will have bluetooth sensors to keep watch on rising temperatures. Thus, Project Surya has declared war against the harmful black carbon and CO2 that contribute quite an amount to global warming.

The project also aims at reducing the emissions in the transportation sector. It will soon provide the government with the statistics so that they can implement certain policies in favor of environmental protection. After the success of the project in India, it will be extended to other countries like China, etc to help the poor get better equipment and sound health.

Source: Greenupgrader