Experience Nature in Luxury and Style at The Ranch at Rock Creek

The hospitality industry always faces the challenge of keeping the luxury traveler interested by offering new experiences that can excite the well traveled affluent customer. The luxury properties around the world don’t excite them any more as they have already experienced them all and basically they all seem to be similar in terms of amenities and activities. The Ranch at Rock Creek located in Montana’s breathtaking landscape, offers the alternative destination that combines outdoor excitement with most sophisticated luxurious accommodations.

Guest Room at the Granite Lodge

We were pleasantly surprised by what the ranch had to offer in terms of accommodation and activities and thought it fit to share with our readers. The modern urban lifestyle is constantly alienating you from the nature. The ranch enables you to get up close to the nature in luxurious comfort. We chose to stay in the Granite Lodge which is the hub of the Ranch. There are nine guest rooms in the Lodge and each one of them are designed in iconic western themes. The one we chose was inspired by the great old railroad hotels during the turn of the century. The interior designers have successfully combined luxury and style with authenticity.

Room with Twin Beds

Staying in the Granite Lodge has some advantages as it gives you easy access to the Dining Room, the Great Room, the Silver Dollar Saloon, the outdoor pool with its Jacuzzi, the Granite Spa and the Mercantile. Drage is the chef who creates menus that are seasonally influenced, featuring Montana-raised beef, lamb, chicken and dairy products in addition to local, organically grown produce. We were eating more than our normal diet as we participated in some of the most exciting activities on offer. Horseback riding seemed to be the most popular activity with the guests as it reinforced the fact that we were in the West. Fishing in the creek was another popular activity because it had a calming effect on the guests. Archery was an option which Was popular simply because you will never find it in any other tourist destination.

Living in Log Homes

However the highlight of our visit to the Ranch was a wedding that took place during our stay. It seemed to be planned to the last detail. We realized that the Ranch at Rock Creek provides for an ideal Destination Wedding. The Ranch is also well suited for Corporate retreats as it truly takes you away from your hectic lifestyle and recharges you completely. The destination is ideal for family reunions because your children will also have their most memorable vacation. Overall the Ranch offers a very different experience for the luxury traveler.

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