Renault Introduces Front Passenger Swivel Seat For The First Time In Europe

One of the leading European automobile manufacturers, Renault has announced the availability of the front passenger swivel seat for the auto maker’s Clio model of cars. This one of a kind technology from Renault is the first of its kind to be introduced in the European markets.

The all new front passenger swivel seat for Clio works on a rather simple mechanical process, wherein, the seat is moved from its position with the help of a simple lever underneath the seat, that enables the seat to turn 75 degrees to the right and to the outward facing side of the vehicle. This makes the entry and exit of front seat passengers remarkably easy, especially in the case of the elderly and the physically challenged, who would find it very helpful to enter and exit the vehicle with the help of the swivel chair.

This incredible new concept will be available in the Renault Clio models and will initially be released in selected European countries, such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland, with more countries to follow in the ensuing months. This feature will be made as a factory fitted option for the Renault Clio Expression Clim and the Dynamique Tom Tom with a price tag of $2,174.

According to Renault,

“Renault is the first European motor manufacturer to include this feature in its catalogue. The swivel seat can be specified like any other option and is fitted directly at the Flins factory, in France, as the car comes off the assembly line, so there is no change to the delivery lead time for the customer.”

Via Like Cool