Rent a Mourner Can Help if You Can’t Find Enough People to Cry At Your Funeral

Rent a Mourner is a perfect example of a service that comes up to meet a specific demand. If you are planning a funeral and are not sure that enough people will attend you can now go to Rent a Mourner who will provide people for a fee who will cry at funerals. The new service provider has come into being for the last one year in UK. The company has about 20 people on its panel who can be hired for the purpose. In its first year of existence the company claims to have serviced 52 bookings. That is one booking per week which is pretty impressive for a startup.

It Costs £45 an Hour to get a Small Crowd to Attend a Funeral

The company charges £45 an hour to get a small crowd to attend a funeral service. Ian Robertson, the founder of Rent a Mourner was talking to The Telegraph about the service his company provides. They are very professional in their approach and whenever they are booked for an engagement they go over to the client and workout ‘the story’ and attend the funeral as an acquaintance of the deceased professionally or socially. Mr. Robertson said that his staff study the deceased’s background, achievements, failures, etc. so that they feel that they knew the deceased and can converse with other mourners with confidence.

Professional Mourners Available for Hire

The Idea Was picked Up From Asia Where You Have Professional Mourners

This practice or service is new to UK but somewhat common in parts of Asia. Like everything else the market for hired mourners has also grown rapidly in China. Mr. Robertson also got the idea from there as he realized that there is a definite demand for the service in UK. Ensuring good attendance in a funeral is important to all of us. It could be a popularity issue and very difficult to achieve for people who are new to the area or the country. Rent a Mourner has definitely been a success and is already in an expansion mode as it is finding it difficult to meet the growing demand as the awareness about the service increases. The company is based in Essex and has had to refuse over 60 requests because of logistics issues as the funerals were too far. You should not be surprised if similar service providers come up in other areas of UK.

Via: venturebeat