Ressence Type 3 With Suspended Dial in Fluid Raises the Level of Complexity

Ressence has changed the way a watch tells the time. Luxury watch making has become a competitive segment and all the leading watch makers innovate to attract attention to their new designs. But Ressence is a radically different design that uses concentric discs with painting “hands” to tell the time. The Type 3 adds a new level of complexity as the dial is suspended in fluid between the movement and the crystal. It creates a magnified projection effect that makes it convenient to read the time. The watch with a radical new design has been introduced in time to be showcased in the prestigious Basel World.

The Ressence Type 3

Ressence Type 3 Looks Complicated; User Reads Time Intuitively

The appearance of the watch is so different from what we are used to seeing is that at first glance you might become apprehensive that it would be complicated to read the time. But the experience with previous Ressence designs suggests that the wearer reads the time almost intuitively. The Type 3 has a 31 day date indicator on the outermost edge. It rotates to line up the current day with the orange arrow at 6 o’clock. Inside the dial you have the rotating minutes indicator which has the largest white hand. There are three smaller dials inside; the hours indicator on top with the Ressence hand logo at 12 0’clock, the sub-seconds indicator with a white hand and numerals 1 through 6, and finally the day indicator.

The Back of the Watch

The Watch Features Two Sapphire Bubbles Separated by a Metal Band

Another unique feature of the Type 3 is that it basically comprises of two sapphire bubbles which are separated by a metal band in the center. It is completely hermetic titanium membrane that separates the upper dial chamber from the lower movement chamber. The movement is also suspended in its chamber and powers various indicators with the help of micro magnets. This design is different in every way. It doesn’t even have a crown. The winding and setting of the watch is done through the movement chamber itself. With the dial facing up you can reset the displays and with the dial facing down you can wind the watch. The Type 3 is priced at 23,000 Euros and is a fine example of what you can achieve with some out of the box thinking.

Via: hodinkee