ReWalk Robotic Pants can Help Paralysed patients Stand up and Walk Again

Amit Goffer is an Israeli entrepreneur who has been paralyzed from the neck down since a car crash in 1997. Determined to walk again he has created a device that has the potential to replace the wheel chair and help the paralysed humans to be able to stand up and walk again. The new device is basically a robotic trousers and Amit is hopeful that it would improve the quality of his life and others in a similar position.

The new device has been named ReWalk and it acts like a pair of robotic pants. It weighs 7 pounds, and has two leg braces with motorized joints and motion sensors. The braces are worn outside of clothing, and react to shifts in balance and upper body movement. A computer and a rechargeable battery are kept in a backpack tied to the patient’s back.

Argo Medical Technologies is the company Amit Goffer has launched in order to commercialize the new device.  The cost of the regular use of this device would be $100,000 approximately. It would be beneficial in eliminating other health complications that can occur in people who cannot walk like digestive, cardiovascular, urinary and circulatory problems as well as pressure sores.

Via: dailytech,