Rhino Sculpture for your Backyard Costs $20,000

Bored of seeing all the usual stuffs in your backyard? Now here is something that is going to change the way you and your neighbours judge it. The latest to hit the block is the Rambling Robbie- the steel rhino sculpture. You can give a vibrant and different touch to your backyard by placing a life sized rhino sculpture of 1/4 plate steel.

It is funky and gives new dimension to your backyard. It’s basically plates of steel which is moulded in the form of a rhino. Imagine your neighbours envying your backyards when you place something which is not witnessed quite often. You can always boast of a rhino in your backyard if not a real one.

rhino 2

All you have to do is shell out but yes u cannot get unique stuffs without a price. It’s not quite often that people see a rhino in someone’s backyard. so if you are thinking about the price think in a different manner. It is almost 10 feet long and 4feet in width. Its height is five feet. So good enough to fit your backyard. It is made up of 3500 pounds of steel and gives you true value for your money. So what are you waiting for, just go get it before anyone else gets the accolades.

rhino sculpture 1