Riflessi Lights by Yana Klimava

Canadian designer Yana Klimava’s design concepts are appealing to the eyes and extremely practical ideas that can be used to create useful gadgets and appliances. Recently, we reviewed Virtuo, a gadget Klimava had designed for budding artists who would not be able to afford buckets of paints and sheets of canvas to practice with until their art was ready to be displayed.

This time we review a lamp concept by Klimava that is just as interesting and possible to practically recreate. The Riflessi light concept is an eco-friendly lighting system which includes mirrors and an LED fabric. Based on the simplest principle of reflection of light, Riflessi makes use of the LED fabric the glow of which is reflected to the whole room by the mirrors. Riflessi would be useful both during the day and night in environments where the natural light is not sufficient since the variously sized mirrors would pick up and reflect every source of light; at night, the fabric adds pleasant colours to the room. The mirror droplets can even be distributed around the room to spread the light.

An energy saving, simple and playful concept that would brighten up any room, Klimava never fails to disappoint with her innovative ideas.

Via: YanaKlimava