Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

3 thoughts on “Rio Police Offended by Italian Ad, Brazil Seeks Immediate Withdrawal of Posters

  1. Nice picutures? What about an American child with a gun killing children inside a school? would it be a funny picture? the same case fucker.

  2. here is the e-mail in the case you want to reply someone riddled with crime, gang wars, drug dealers and favela dwellers ;]

  3. Oh, come on. You have to rely on your cliche, baseless anti-Americanism in order to defend supposedly-threatened national values? Granted, the picture is kinda tasteless, but that’s the kind of thing fashion advertising guys usually go for. Risque sells. But it is not the “same thing” as killing kids as you claim. Instead of being such a mono-neural douche, why don’t you consider first how terribly messed up your police force is? How profoundly corrupt and inefficient it has proven to be, time after time? These same guys were the muscle of the dictatorship, and I personally wouldn’t be surprised if they would actually abuse tourists -they do it on the reg with their own citizens. Please, use your brain to produce something other than hateful, boring, dumb rhetoric. Braindead nationalism is for tools.

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