Robot Assisted Therapy for Stroke Victims

Being a stroke victim has far reaching consequences. One of the worst is the inability to use limbs and hands and thus losing mobility. Long time stroke sufferers go though enormous emotional and physical trauma which can’t really be explained. However, there is some hope with the emerging robotic technology in the health field.

A study conducted by the University of California proved hat robot-assisted therapy could help stroke victims regain their mobility. The study was conducted on 15 patients aged above 61 years and they were all stroke victims. The robot assisted arm helps the stroke victims to have a better grip and gesture.

It also helps them to get their hands in to positions that will help them perform daily tasks. It connects the muscles to the rain again and thus there will be a sort of synchronization. After a few months of therapy they usually regained their mobility to some extent. Looks like this will have a promising future.

Via: TechChee