Robust Outdoor Brands Creates Cosy Podhouse

Robust Outdoor Brands is a Swiss design firm that has created simple houses named Podhouse. They are sustainable prefabricated modules. These micro homes are a housing solution for your holiday hides away, a backyard office and the garden. Since 2003 the prototypes are in developmental phase with testing and improving the product. Now the product is finally available to purchase. The structures are created using FSC certified wood to withstand the elements and the design is long lasting.  Easy extensions of the module provide more room to move and the pod could be extended further two meters .This offers a cosy retreat for winter.

The pod hotels are available in Switzerland for rent throughout the year. The guest could choose three beds or two bed pod. They provide low impact accommodation amidst Alps background. This betters your holiday adventure experience. The simple PODhouse would cost US$10, 830 excepting solar panel. If you want to be with nature, it cost $61 for a night per person.

PODhouse comes in two sizes. It improves camping in the winter. It is already popular as garden office, in other words Pod House is already being used. You will get the completely assembled delivery pod house, so it can be used at once as it is. Thanks to the double glazed

doors and windows.  The walls and floors of PODhouse are very well insulated. According to your specification they will offer either solar ventilation or electricity with LED lighting.

Podhouse is a cool alternative to the tent with extra accommodation.  The podhouse does not offer cooking facilities. There are no fixtures and pipes for water and bathrooms you could book for three nights. For shorter stays, they inquire about a week before the arrival.