Room Divider With A Curved Edge

Privacy is that elusive thing that we all crave for in our super-crammed lives. Too much work, familial commitments and chasing dreams keep us on our toes all the time. No wonder, we always desire that ultimate escape from the mad bad world we live in. In fact, that could be one reason why we like to buy room dividers to mark out our personal area for the benefit of others around us.

Next time, don’t pick out the same bulky and impenetrable divider like everyone else. Sang Hoon Kim’s artistic divider is a good alternative, mainly because it breaks space very pleasantly. This room divider comes in uique curved shapes so that you can recline in the flow of the object rather than stay perplexed in the boxy outline of yore.

Then again, it also has a striped wall which allows light to pass throught. As a result, you never get a fixed pattern because light knows its own mind. So, it will promise to add to the mood and decor of your room with varying shapes and impressions.

At the moment, only a concept submitted at Cranborok Academy of Art, the designer is planning on making the real one real soon.

Via coroflot