Room Dividers and Why Businesses Need Them

Noise is one of the leading causes of employee frustration, stress, and dissatisfaction. It can be contributed to two main factors, the first being that more companies have adopted a more open floor design. The second factor being, that people these days are surrounded by electronics that distract employees. In the past, heating and air conditioners were able to mask the surrounding noise made by employees. With technology rapidly advancing these heating and cooling systems are so quiet that you don’t even notice they are there. Noise can result in a decrease in productivity and lower employee turnover. Most employees try and combat the noise wearing headphones and listening to music.


There are some solutions to absorb and block out noise in the office. When your company has an open plan office, it is the furniture that prevents sound from traveling from one cubicle to another. Using a wall divider that suits your company’s needs can be helpful in order to block out conversational sounds from reaching another cubical, a company should have their room dividers at least 50”.

Another option that businesses are starting to adopt is using acoustic room dividers that help lessen the noise drastically. The main material used in acoustic room dividers is fiberglass, which are then paired with other materials to make it look presentable. One of the benefits of using an acoustic panel is that it is very effective in absorbing sound and controlling the noise. Some of the most useful places that use acoustic room dividers are business offices, a band room, auditorium, recording studios, and conference rooms.


Room dividers can give a company the flexibility and convenience to make private rooms for employees, without having to renovate the office space. They give you a feel of having a real wall placed in the office without having to actually implement a wall that would in turn cost a lot of money. What is convenient about room dividers is that they can be customized in length to suit any company’s workspace environment. Room dividers can offer a lot more value than constructing a wall. For example, there are accessories for room dividers. Doors can be added in order to enclose a workspace, which can be visually appealing compared to ordinary cubicles. When moving into a new office space, hiring a contractor to do work for your company can become very expensive. Purchasing room dividers is a cost effective way of creating space and privacy for your employees. If your company ever decides to change the look of their workspace, check out Vast Market room dividers. They’re an inexpensive way to change the overall appearance of the office.

Configuration is another key beneficial element when looking to make space for new potential employees. How your workspace layout is placed is important. It is vital to have a layout that directly puts employees in line of sight with one another. If employees can see each other, it is likely that they can hear one another as well.

As mentioned above, noise can play a crucial role in the productivity in a working environment. Glass room dividers are an exception to the rule as a noise shouldn’t be able to penetrate the divider. Ventilation in the workplace can provide a comfortable and more relaxed environment. An office that has windows that can provide light and ventilation in the office can affect an employees overall heath and provide a more comfortable working environment.