RSS Cloud by Dave Winer: A Boon to WordPress Blogs

Not so long ago, many bloggers used to subscribe to RSS feeds and be content with the limited facilities they would get from it. However, with the social networking sites becoming more popular by the minute, many have left subscribing to RSS feeds. When you have Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, etc “why follow the RSS feeds?” is what most people seem to think these days. Interestingly, in this scenario, Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress has formally announced that WordPress is going for RSS Cloud, which is developed by Dave Winer.

Now the bloggers and podcasters will get a step closer to real time updates on WordPress like never before. Hitherto, most bloggers have been interacting with feeds by merely checking the updates every hour. RSS Cloud will serve as an extra element to the subscriber’s RSS feed and provide the updates more regularly. The good news for WordPress bloggers is that all blogs have already got access to RSS Cloud.

However, the big question is whether or not bloggers will be willing to shift from social networking sites to RSS Cloud to get regular updates on their feeds. Indeed, it’s a big question when one can easily follow even CNN news on Twitter. Nevertheless, it all depends on the individual but, considering that nobody wants to remain archaic, I am quite certain that many bloggers will be happy to use RSS Cloud. Afterall who doesn’t want to live according to the time?

Via: WordPress\RSSCloud\Scobleizer\PodcastingNews