Schlage Link Makes Smart Homes a Step Closer to Reality

Schlage LiNK is the answer that most home owners would be searching for, when they leave their houses unattended. The system allows the owner to control the house’s thermostat, camera, security, door locks, and other such systems through a web based interface.


If you are the owner, you could even control the lights, the locks and everything else and virtually transform your house into a smart home. These features are controlled with the help of Schlage Wireless Bridge. The system uses 128-bit AES encryption and would soon be released in the market. With so many burglaries happening everywhere, the system is a god send to people who travel often and leave their houses unattended.

Schlage LiNK might just be the answer for all the worries that you had about home safety as it can be connected from anywhere with just your cellphone using the Internet. There is no information about its price yet but since it is going to be available soon, you may soon have an idea about how much it might cost and also what else it could do.