Shaun White Snowboarding Game: Target releases Limited edition thrills on snow-filled slopes!

The whole ‘X-Games’ Phenomenon is really becoming a big thing with winter sports such as snowboarding really catching on in youngsters across the planet. Some of us though are less fortunate as we cannot experience the same thrill on natural slopes and are relegated to either artificial domes filled with snow or those cool Xbox and Wii games that offer much more fun than the artificial slopes. The Limited Edition Shaun White Snowboarding Game released by Target gives that special thrill to adventure-heads and does that in an exclusive fashion.

The Limited Edition release of Target has new features and special thrills that are not present in other version of this snowboarding down the slope. Targets exclusive version includes additional cut scenes and jibs. The Target version also comes with a special added slope to test your skills on and that is named pretty obviously as ‘Target Mountain’. The exclusive version also has a virtual version of the Target Chalet where the Target team stays during the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.

If you are using PSP, Xbox or even Wii, then the Target Version of the game is made for you. Though, if you still have not purchased a console, we strongly suggest Wii as it is still the best of the lot.

Via: Slipperybrick