Shopcade: An E-Commerce Version of Pinterest

Gone are the days when you would want to shop at the mall or especially planning a shopping day out with your friends. Well, shopping with friends and mall hoping is and will always top the list of things you like, but with social networking all that may just change in the coming years. For all you know you might plan a shopper’s day out on the web and get connected with friend snot only in your city but around the world. Social networking has altered our lives in a big way and life is all about uploading your best pictures on Facebook, coming up with a whacky status update and trying to garner as many likes you can in a day. That’s how we measure success these days! Just when Facebook was taking over our lives, a new form social networking made an appearance with websites like Pinterest.

A virtual board where you can pin up what you like. The new social networking website to hit the web circuit is Shopcade, where you not only pin but can also buy! Pinterest only gives you the opportunity to pin luxury brands and products and things that you basically like. Shopcade is however a rather retails lookalike of Pinterest and is a place where you can pin up the best deals from the retails world. Let’s give you more information on this newest find of the web world.

What is Shopcade?

Web shopping is the latest trend in shopping. It’s a great place to find the best deals on some of your favourite brands. However, there are time when you might just not trust the offers being made by these agents of e-commerce. But Shopcade users will increase your confidence on e-shopping. On Shopcade, you can pin up some of the best deals you found on the net and can also share it with your network on friends and also tell them that how it wa such a great find and they can also go ahead with it if the need be.

At Shopcade you earn Points and many Rewards

At Shopcade it’s just not about pining the best deals but also winning some points. For instance if you invite someone on Shopcade, you win a certain amount of points which can be later redeemed through vouchers. Only some actions which have been designated by Shopcade will help you earn those magic points which means you will have to be a sincere Shopcade user to earn those points!

Wish list on Shopcade

At Shopcade you can also pin up your birthday or wedding wish list with the best deals so that if your family and friends can decided what yo buy for you then they can simply have a look at your Shopcade wish list, find the best deal and there your gift will be on its way!

The Shopcade Blog

There’s also a Shopcade blog for its users which has special features to keep the users updates with the latest on Shopcade. They also have some interviews planned on Shopcade to know a more about its users and enlghited them as to how Shopcade can help them.

Shopcade Finds the Best Deal for you

Shopping on the web might be the next best thing but let’s face it, it is also quite a task to find the best deal when there is such a mad scramble of e-deals available on the web. You are by the end of the day baffled with the presence of those innumerable e-commerce sites. Worry not now for Shopcade comes to your rescue! With your Shopcade account you can share the best deals you find on the web. Your network of friends will thus find a shortlisted list of e-deals and will not have to worry about finding tit themselves, thus saving a huge amount of time and energy.

Shopcade makes Life Easy for E-Merchants

Shopcade in this way also helps the many merchants out there by making them more popular on the web and easy to find. It’s a perfect website that will help these merchants bolster their sales and do good for their e-business! However, they will have to beome affiliated partners to have their goods marketed on this website. They don’t have to pay anything to join the programme but will have to pay a fee to Shopcade when a sale is actually made. Shopcade has found very early successes with over 260 million already on the website. So nest time you are looking for the best e-deal go Shopcade we say!!