Shower Horizontally with Dornbracht’s Ambience Technology

Only a few minutes in the shower can relax your mind body and soul. Imagine what it would be like if you could lie down and enjoy those few minutes of tranquility. No there is no need to install a bath tub in your bathroom for Dornbracht latest showering technology will give you that much needed experience. It will be for the first time that Dornbracht’s groundbreaking technology you can enjoy your shower lying down. We know that we’ve manged to grasp your attention in a jiffy. Read on if you intend to buy a Dornbracht’s ambiance technology shower and indulge in a luxury shower.

A Shower that is one of its Kind

An insight into the interesting features of the Dornbracht will definitely convince you that this is a shower that is one of its kind. The horizontal shower has been made possible by the use of the eTool which happens to be the main operating element. A broad shower field is filled with water and there are six water bars that recess the water field. Below the shower field is a reclining space where you can lie down and enjoy the shower.

The Dornbracht ambience technology shower is not just a regular run of the mill shower that you use for bathing on an everyday purpose. It is a shower that has been made with a purpose of relaxing and unwinding after a long day at work or otherwise also. Like many high end vertical showers today that come with many features the Dornbracht ambience technology horizontal shower is also incorporated with many innovative techniques.

The shower comes with an array of pre-designed choreographies which you can decide depending on your mood during the time of your shower. One can also adjust the water temperature and its intensity and quantity according to your choice.The shower also has tuned in many effects. The user can chose anything from a de-stressing effect to a balancing effect. The energizing effect will further tantalize your nerves and take off all the tiredness and stress from your body.

The e-Tool is the chief element of operation and is used for making all the settings and pre-programming your bath. With the help of an e-tool and the right settings your bath is choreographed in sync with the temperature and intensity and makes it a unique and rather luxurious experience. The outlet points can be combined in various ways within the system architecture.

The eTool although the chief operating element in Dornbracht ambiance technology horizontal shower is very small in size and almost disappears in the shower. Its minimal design will not prevent you from making optimum use of all the functions. By pressing the right button you can get the pre-programmed shower setting of your choice. A ring of light around the button will keep you informed of the temperature of the water and its intensity.

By installing the Dornbracht ambience technology horizontal showering your super luxurious marble flooring bathroom will not only enhance the look of your bathroom but will also make your daily bathing a ritual that you will look forward to all day long.

Via Dornbracht