Siamun Desk has a Hidden Workstation

It’s called the Siamun Executive Desk, arguably, one of those efficient pieces of furniture around. And looks more on the classic side. If you wish to dismiss the huge desk for a hi-tech design one in your office cabin though, think again.

Its classic look is appealing and professional at the same time. But more than that, it has a clutter free design, and hides a 22 inch LCD workstation. And the workstation shows up with a simple button touch.

The office desk is elegant in design, enhances the look of its surroundings, and has three inch chrome columns. The desk also has a high pressure laminate shiny finish, to prevent scratching. Besides this, the desk has enormous storage space with push system in front of the tabletop. It means there is a handle and lock free drawer system where a simple push slides the drawers open.

Siamun desk also has an optional electronic safe to keep important documents. The company concerned says it can be customized to user benefit. If you wish to own the desk most suitable for top corporate executives, the desk is priced at $5500.

Via: Pharaoh

siamun desk Siamun Desk has a Hidden Workstation