Singapore Living Standards

Singapore has one of the highest living standards in the world. Fortune Magazine has rated it as the second best city in the world in terms of quality living. Its favorable location in Southeast Asia makes it a major crossover point between the eastern and western hemispheres. Singapore is also home to half a million foreigners, mostly professionals and their families, comprising a large international community that gives the city-state a distinct cosmopolitan character.

World-class goods, services, and luxuries are readily available in Singapore. It also offers state-of-the art facilities for education, shopping, sports, and recreation. Singapore’s public transport system, famous for its high level of efficiency, comfort, and safety, is comparable to the best in the world. Its buses and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) access the entire country. Other indicators of a high standard of living are first-class medical services, top-of-the-line educational facilities, wide choice of excellent housing, and a global connectedness through its high tech telecommunications network. Every single global banking institution has a Singaporean branch.

The Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) has rated Singapore as having the best quality of life for expatriates. This is an organization that conducts frequent surveys and analyzes expatriate life in Asia. The world-renowned group stated that safety, cleanliness, and efficiency are Singapore’s most attractive features. A low crime rate makes Singapore a safe environment, for both foreigners and locals. Singapore leads ahead of every country, except Japan, in terms of international perception of high level of personal security.


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