Sipping On The Halloween Skull

The Halloween spirit can be made a little more horrifying with the help of a creepy drink prop. Called the Skull Beer Funnel, yes the name explains it all, this modification of your tumbler or delicate glass lets the bartender pour liquor into the split skeleton head while you sip it at the end of the pipe, which by the way is designed to look like the spinal column. I know this predator act must have been a fantasy for many of you Halloween die-hards out there. But it is against the law to be a predator so don’t do anything brash, and buy this Skull Beer Funnel instead.

We know Halloween justifies such creepy props, right! So, don’t forget to lock it back in the cupboard once the season is up, after the funnel has doubled as a vomit-catcher too. But those with a strong heart (to bear the critiquing glances of visiors at home) can add this prop to their interior decor, if they desire it so much. I’m sure even the evil spirits would want to stay away from this one. Nice idea to be safe!

The weak at heart, just stay away from this funnel.

Via SlipperyBrick
Halloween Skull