Skullcandy Announces Dallas Mavericks Headphones for Basketball fans

Skullcandy headphones are a sought after choice for music lovers, and users have usually admired their lightweight nature. The clarity of sound makes them enjoy music in a better manner. Its portability is one more positive aspect. It is known for its noise cancelling property and it will not break easily. The ear design and cups are comfortable to wear for a long duration as it is made of very soft leather material.

Skullcandy headphones have now introduced the Dallas Mavericks x Roc Nation Aviator headphones, which feature the Mavericks team logo on side and the NBA Championship trophy image on the other side. This special edition comes in a limited editiopn of just 250 pieces and has a travel case and polycarbonate speaker housing. The aviator headphone has a white leather headband with polished surface.

The new headphones have been launched to celebrate the great significant occasion as Dallas Mavericks victory over NBA championship of 2011. If you are fan of Dallas Mavericks or just the sport, you really should go ahead and buy these earphones, as they not only support your favourite players, but also deliver an awesome audio experience. It is priced at $179.99. Go ahead, enjoy the music, and become a fan of Dallas Mavericks for the life time. There is nothing better than listenin to great music and relaxing next to a soothing carapace, which is hardly ever found in days like these. You could read in our previous articles about helix headphones and jaybird headphones.