Refrigerate in Style with the Smeg Denim Fridge

For all those who like to keep it cool and casual, denims are considered an ideal piece of wardrobe. Team it up with a white top and you are all set to woo everyone around with your uber looks and comfort. Denims have been known over the years to reflect a personality that believes to keep things simple yet exude a lot of style and sophistication. How would you like it if your kitchen also boasted of this cool and easy going attitude of yours? Well we are not asking you to walk around your kitchen always in your denims but also give your kitchen appliances a feel of this very soft and casual fabric.

Sounds a little out of the world, doesn’t it? But Smeg, which claims to be technology with style has introduced its latest fridge which is covered in denim. The FAB28 fridge has set new standards in technology design and have once impressed us all with their exclusive designs and creativity.

So is it just a fridge that will enhance the look of your kitchen and help you refrigerate your food items in style or does it also make for a good kitchen appliance? Let’s have a look and get more insights into the Smeg Independent Fab refrigerator which is not art just for the sake of it.

The Smeg Independent Fab: The World’s only Fridge in Denims

Smeg is one of those electronics giants which ever since its foundation 60 years ago have created items that are truly unique and exude only style and luxury. This time they created an item that integrated their FAB28 refrigerator with denims. Their intention all these years was to combine things from the past and stitch them with current designs and trends. That’s how they were able to come up with the world’s first refrigerator that is dressed in denims.

The Independent Fab is just not any other fridge and it is definitely not just any other denims that you can wear. It is a appliance that will adorn your kitchen and will lend a an entirely exclusive look to the surrounding environs at your home.

This fine work of art, which has been stitched with such precision that it is impossible to spot any flaw, is the epitome of Italian style. It is very casual and retro in its looks and is actually a limited edition product with only 500 fridges available for sale. The limited edition Smeg FAB28 was launched at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan.

As trendy and unique as it may sound but the only thing that will worry you about the fridge is the fate of the denim on the fridge. With the fabric on the fridge there will always be the risk of damaging its surface and spoiling it with water, oil, milk or juice. However, Smeg has taken care of that and ensures that the fridge’s Plasma Nano technology will prevent the surface of the fridge and the denim with stains.

So, do you think you can buy this appliance that is cool and casual just like you?

Via Freshome