SmugMug Launches New Photo Sharing Site With Customization Features

Photo sharing sites are revamping and upgrading and SmugMug has also revealed its new design that has been built from ground up. The new design offers more options to customize and better organize your photos. It is an entirely new site with new templates and themes. The new site features customization tools and a new photo organizer. According to the CEO Don MacAskill the focus was on aesthetics and personalization. There are 20 different templates and the user can change colors and themes for each one. More importantly, the user can customize the layout of how photos are displayed. The photos can now be enlarged to full screen size with a simple click. All these features are available with the page tool kit and any lay man with no technical experience of HTML or CSS can use it.

Current Users Can Shift their Photos to Their New Customized Page

The new photo organizer enables the user to view his entire library and rearrange it anyway he wants. You simply click on the photo and drag it to where ever you want to position it. It gives the user greater control over privacy settings also. The new application allows you to edit constantly and it will become visible to the visitors only when you are ready. It is a purely personal page to display your photos and videos and the new tools help you make it really sleek. The current users go to their old site when they login but they can use the new version and shift their photos to the new page with a customized layout. It will become visible only when you choose to reveal it.

New Look Website of SmugMug

The New Site is Aimed at Users Serious About Photography

SmugMug has positioned itself differently from other photo sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket. The site is aimed at people who take their photography seriously and who want to look different from the crowd. The users of SmugMug have to pay $5 to $35 a month. The new users get to use the site free for only two weeks. The revenue model has worked for the site and according to claims made by the management the site has profitable for more than three years. Their user base may not be as large as some of the free to use photo sharing sites but most of their users are serious photo enthusiasts and 30% of them have professional accounts. These users will definitely be happy about the design of the new site and the tools it offers.

Via: pogue.blogs.nytimes, techcrunch