Solar Powered Bambu House Spins An Excellent Eco-Design Architecture

The failure of Copenhagen climate conference did tell us that averting a natural crisis will take more than just negotiations. Designers and Tech big-wigs all over the world are busy tossing out designs so that they can help the earthlings do their bit to save their mother earth. Let’s take our mind off electric cars and solar appliances for a while for the Bambu House spells a new way to make the best while the sun shines.

Hatched at European Solar Decathlon, the Bambu House is a spectacular sun-powered house which has two elegant sloping roofs is made completely out of bamboo. With no trace of any modern construction elements, this house has solar arrays that produce 9 killowatts of energy which is enough to lighten up its one bedroom and living room space. The idea of this house was worked by the folks at Tonji University in Shanghai and is believed to beautifully combine Chinese architecture and state-of-the-art technology. It has inbuilt temperature and humidity control systems, high-level thermal insulation systems, and a bamboo enclosed garden.

The Solar Decathlon Europe is basking in glory owing to the amazing sun-powered bamboo architecture on its shelves. Well this Bambu house does show the credibility to shape the future of housing architecture and encourage people to opt for such energy-efficient designs and make people give up their luxurious condos.