Solar Powered Bird House Is Eco-friendly

Our winged friends have the privilege of possessing something that modern age machines do but the machines lack in eco-friendly technology. Ooms, the Dutch design studio has brought a new concept by merging eco-friendly technology and nature – the Solar Birdhouse. You must be wondering what the connection between solar system and the birds are. A small solar panel is fixed on top of the roof of bird house, which is charged by a battery inside the bird’s house. The stored energy will be used for light during the night which is not meant for birds to guide and find their home, but to attract bugs. Now, the bird’s dinner is ready.


Are you worried about the baby birds, just lifting their heads out for food in birdhouses, which make them forget the act of searching for food? If this trend continues birds won’t be able to support themselves becoming obese. Or will it end as a backyard barbecues for your tasty snack.

You should note that the area should not be shady, so it is better to get the birdhouse set up on a wall. If you had hung it in a tree, you would block the sun light, the very purpose of the solar power will not function. If you had set up home, the battery would have to be protected by some blockings otherwise circuit will be interrupted.

The modern classic, wooden birdhouse combines both utilitarian and aesthetic outdoor setting. Glowing perch attracts insects for the hungry bird and predators will be threatened to be an organism and go away. At night, the perch lights up without requiring electricity or batteries. The solar birdhouses are hot sale items at Charles & Marie and you could pay a visit for OOOMS website for sale. It is priced at $120.