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Friends if you are thinking that you must have the world best more efficient TV at your home so Sony Bravia is bringing for you the world latest TV Sony Bravia ZX1 . The Sony bravia ZX1 is 9.9 mm thin and it has

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the quality of digital picture With low power consumption . Now market are very confident. Because Sony brand always bring the world latest product in front of us like Sony bravia ZX1 .This Sony bravia has an unbelievable thin quality with 40% efficiency for every panel inch.

The Sony bravia ZX1 is low power consumption TV; it consumes low power than a bulb. So friends you’re the biggest problem has solved what very long list of lighting bill .Because this bravias TV can solve your problem for power. The Sony bravia ZX1 looks so beautiful with 40” screen and the quality of thin. So don’t be confused just ready to get the world latest TV With so many qualities. Friends you can purchase it only the price of $6,055.