Sony Ericsson Declares the Official Launch Date for Xperia Play in Super Bowl Commercial

Xperia Play is a major upcoming launch for Sony Ericsson. They have been building the hype around the new product for some time now. For the diehard gaming fans the wait had almost become painful. The teasers from the company had made the excitement unbearable for the expectant consumer. The suspense is now over. All doubts about the product have been put to rest. Xperia Play is most definitely real.

Xperia Play will be one of the first devices announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Sony Ericsson used the Super Bowl to announce the date and time of the official launch of Xperia Play. The ad released during the game did not only mention the date and time but gave a clear picture of the product as well. The audiences were treated to a pair of full frontal shots of the smartphone with the gamepad.

Being so close to the launch of the Gingerbread-running, gamepad-wearing smartphone, Sony Ericsson did not want to miss out on the Super Bowl to communicate with the largest audience possible. The reach of a Super Bowl ad is incomparable. The kind of American audience it attracts has no parallels. Though the ad they have created for the occasion is a bit creepy. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself.

Via: Engadget