Sound Garden Speakers Grow Bonsai Within

Ever heard of a design that combines gardening and bonsai, water, soil, audio, sound technology and eco friendliness mixing together in one single design? Well, perhaps not and you would be surprised to know that JVC has announced the Sound Garden ‘Kirikabu’ Speakers.

The speakers look like a futuristic bonsai pot where plants grow but you would be shocked to know that it can be connected to audio sources to create a sound effect that combines woofers, stereo speakers and great sound engineering. What more, the speakers generate their own electricity with the water you add and you will have the satisfaction of being environmentally friendly and be able to enjoy great music at the same time.

However, as with most green products, expect the Sound Garden ‘Kirikabu’ speaker to cost loads of money. Something with a cool concept such as this, I bet, must surely cost a lot. I am not sure, if the Japanese are fond of the grunge band Soundgarden, but I have a feeling they are uncannily associated with this gadget. Oh well, perhaps you can use these ‘Sound Garden’ speakers to listen to ‘Black Hole Sun’ while you can gawk at the bonsai growing amidst the sonic soil.

Via: Engadget/Impress