Special Trends: World’s Top 10 Honeymoon destinations

So here exactly do you go first to strengthen your bond of love after you have just said ‘I do’? That is the big question that most couples are eagerly looking to answer and with the planet today connected like never before, there are some stunning locations, countries and exotic places that will give you a dream trip you will cherish for a lifetime. So what are the top 10 spots that we would recommend on this love-filled voyage? Well, here we go…

Norwegian Fjords:
norwegian fjords

The magnificence, untouched beauty, eternal charm, romantic magic makes these simply stunning masterpieces of nature as the gateway to eternal nirvana. Once you plunge into the beauty of the Norwegian Fjords, their timeless charm and extravagant grandeur will leave you wanting for more.

Spectacular Sognefjord is the crowning glory of the Norwegian Fjords along with Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord, Lysefjord and many other untamed and enchanted beauties. It seems ironic why such staggering beauties are often forgotten!

Beaches of Greece:


Greece and the many astonishing islands that surround it are perfect for a romantic holiday. There is so much social life going on here, both during the day and at night, that you will have more than just the sun and the sand to keep you busy. With some historical sites, great wine and delicious cuisine, this is the place to get lost in each other’s eyes…

Huangshan Mountains Range, China:


If you wish to be floating in a sea of clouds and get lost in a world that looks like a Hollywood conception from the age of Lord of the Rings, the there is no more panoramic and magnificent mountain destination that Huangshan Mountains in China. With its isolated serenity, audacious views and warm hospitality, this ancient mystique land has a magical aura to it unlike anything else.

Bora Bora Island, Tahiti:
bora bora french polynesia

The wonderful Polynesian island is quite simply paradise on earth and its serene turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches and the many myths surrounding the various legends in the island make Bora Bora a Honeymoon treat. The facilities here are top notch, privacy complete and nature at its unadulterated best.

With adventure sports and various water activities along with world class spas, there is always so much to see and do around here. Yet, you can also just find yourself lonely in the company of each other, lost in time forever… Truly romantic!

Swiss Alps:
swiss alps

By now a honeymoon in the breathtaking Swiss Alps has become pretty famous across the plant; especially for those who love snow filled slopes, amazing mountain views, serene lakes and picture perfect landscape. The country is known for its chocolates, cakes and other food that is aphrodisiac in nature, further making sure that you really never feel too low on your first romantic getaway after the wedding.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau:


The Pacific Island of Palau may not be on the favorite honeymoon destination map as of yet, but it should get there pretty soon. While, this may not be exactly very romantic, the experience of swimming with millions of Jellyfish and living in an isolated island in the middle of nowhere is pretty much and experience that you will rarely ever experience. Just for its sheer special location and unique swimming companions, this surely merits a look.

Kashmir, India:

Many have dubbed it as ‘heaven on earth’ and for good reason too. While regional tensions and terrorism have kept Kashmir largely off of the tourism map, with peace being largely restored to this hypnotic Himalayan valley, it is hard resisting a trip into its very heart. While you will still have to face up with tight security, a house boat ride in Srinagar and a glimpse of the mighty Himalayas will fulfill your dream vacation.



Here is another little European nation that is real big when it comes to stunning romantic holidays. A trip to Italy has everything- great beaches, wonderful sites, boat rides through Venice, a sojourn in the heart of Rome and of course, delicious Italian food to keep you sumptuous. With places like little Amalfi adding to the affordable trip, Italy beats both London and France with its completeness.

Aruba, Caribbean:

The entire region of Caribbean itself has so many great destinations for a honeymoon that you will have a hard time choosing one. Aruba though is the most popular of the lot with its isolated beaches of the south and the rocky region of the north. Simply vivacious…


Hawaii is one destination that few need any enlightenment about. The culture, traditions, music, beaches, swinging palm trees, the dances, fiery volcanoes and the surfing on the waves…


There is simply no other place like Hawaii on the planet and whether you are going on a honeymoon or otherwise, it will never ever disappoint you.