SpongeBob's Takes Up The Green Cause

SpongeBob Squarepants is a popular fella these days. Just a few days ago we heard of him being the inspiration behind a whole line of jewelry, and now our favorite toon is all set to join in the green group to save the environment.

Nickelodeon, Viacom Consumer Products and Humanity have come together to make a series of five environmentally themed tees featuring SpongeBob. The shirts will be made from 100% organic cotton and create awareness about saving water. Being eco-friendly does not mean that the collection is drab and boring for you can be inspired by the bright crystals decorating the tees.

So, you can have all sorts of marine life on the t-shirt with SpongeBob in the lead accompanied by an inscription, “Save the Big Blue”. Till this point the endeavour makes sense but the moment we hear the price, we are forced to wonder, “what are these fellas thinking?”. Well, what else do you say to a price tag of $98? We have a feeling SpongeBob’s soon turning into a money making machine, a fact we do not appreciate too much.