Star Trek Fan King Abdullah Of Jordan To Build a ‘Green’ Star Trek Theme Park

Now here is something I didn’t expect. Apparently King Abdullah of Jordan is a big Star Trek fan. He was even an extra in one of the episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Taking forward his Star Trek fantasies, he has given the go ahead to a Star Trek inspired theme park. The project is supposed to cost around $1.5 billion. What is the most unique feature about this theme park is that it will be completely powered by alternative sources of energy. No dilithium crystals here folks.

All the electricity here will generated through renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind energy. A center will be created where the visitors will be educated about the benefits and importance of green energy and eco-friendly practices such as grey water harvesting. The Star Trek theme park will be located in the Jordanian coastal town of Aqaba and will cover a huge area of 74 hectares. There will be 17 entertainment zones and also a 4-star hotel if guests want to stay over.



The futuristic theme park will be constructed by the Rubicon Group and Paramount Reaction in collaboration with Callison, an architectural design firm. The exact details of all the attractions of this theme park aren’t out yet, but initial reports suggest that there will be a 23rd century multi sensory experience with amazing visual and sound effects to wow the visitors. Red Sea Astrarium Park will be another key attraction.There are numerous theme parks out there but this one will be truly special considering the example it is setting for encouraging the use of green energy.

Via: Inhabitat