Star Wars:The Blueprints series hits stores for $500

You can say the geek world is divided into two section-those are Star Wars fan and those who are not. The latter group will probably rebuke this cult following by calling it just a fancy work of fiction but here is something that will, for some time, make them feel otherwise.   Here is a set of books that shows the blueprints used for the creation of the sets and props of all six films. It was unearthed from the Lucasfilm Archives and also come along with commentary from author J. W. Rinzler.

These books deliver an in-depth look at the actually art and science that went in filming and post-procut work of one of the greatest movie of all times. The Blueprints are like a journey which tells you how a film of that spectacular magnitude was brought to life and how the world of special effects took its first breath. It shows the intial concepts behind iconic Star Wars scene such as the Rebel blockade runner hallways, the bridge of General Grievous’s flagship, the interior of the fastest “hunk of junk” in the Galaxy, and Jabba the Hutt’s palace.

The book is a testament to the never seen before craftsmanship and artistry. The Blueprints will be running a limited number of 5000 hand-numbered copies. Of them, the first 125 are signed by The first 125 are signed by the Academy-Award winning Art Directors for the original Star Wars film: Norman Reynolds, Les Dilley and set dresser Roger Christian. These autographed copies are priced at $1000 whereas the remaining ones can be bought for .