Stem Innovation Introduces An All New App-Based Wireless Video Camera, The iZON Remote Room Monitor

Whether it be your toddler or just your worry about the safety of your house, surveillance systems especially in the 21st century have truly become some of the most cutting edge devices in the market with immense demand. However, consumers are nowadays fast leaning towards personal surveillance systems that not only provide the high level of monitoring required but are also designed to become a part of the household and not stand out among the rest of the stuff in a room. One such remarkable product is the all new iZON Remote Room Monitor from Stem Innovation, an app-based wireless camera that enables the consumers to monitor their household through a live video feed that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Perfect to keep a guardian’s eye on your little kid when he is alone at home or simply checking up on your vacant house while you are away on vacation, the iZON Remote Room Monitor while being highly efficient is also quite elegant to be placed in a household.

The iZON Remote Room Monitor essentially connects to the existing local wifi connection in your office or at your home and broadcasts live feeds through the Stem:Connect App that needs to be installed on iOS devices to watch the feed. Also, if you need to get a closer look at a video stream, you can even instruct iZON to upload the video to a private account on YouTube, where you can then water it later as per your convenience. Furthermore, besides monitoring, iZON can even alert you of any suspicious activity via push notifications. The all new iZON Remote Room Monitor is currently available on order via the company website, carrying a price tag of $129.95.

Via Stem Innovation