Stephen Turner Creates the Exbury Egg Pod to Study the Natural Cycle

Artists feel close to the nature and are more than willing to do their bit to sustain it. Artist Stephen Turner has been the inspiration behind the creation of the Exbury Egg which was a collaborative project between the artist, SPUD and the PAD Studio. It is a energy efficient, self sustaining pod that took three years in development and construction. Now Stephen Turner plans to use that pod as his home and workstation while it is based in the estuary of the River Beaulieu. The artist plans to study the life of the tidal creek and to experience local natural cycles first hand from up close. He will study it in terms of its impact on human activity.

Stephen Will Catalogue Whatever He Sees and Experiences

The Exbury Egg is designed to withstand the elements and for the time being it will be tethered to the shore with a floating versadock pontoon. Stephen plans to spend 12 months in it to be able to study the complete natural cycle. Stephen plans to catalogue his experience in drawings, maps, still and moving images and even objects that he might find during the journey. The climate change and its impact on the wildlife, flora and the people motivated Stephen to take up this challenge. He believes that it will help raise the awareness of what was in the past and what is happening in the present.

Exbury Egg the Sustainable Pod

Solar Energy will Provide the Power to Charge Electronic Devices

The ultimate aim of the project is to maintain a sustainable balance in nature and that’s why the Exbury Egg or the pod was built by using reclaimed cedar planks. Paul Baker, the boat builder has used his skills to create a self sufficient floating home. There are two Perspex windows in the pod. The interior has just enough space for a hammock, minimal storage, a sink and a cooker. Solar panels have been installed to generate sufficient power to charge items such as a laptop, digital camera and mobile phone. The bottom of the pod is like any other boat. It has prominent keels to keep the pod stable in the water and keep it upright at low tide in shallow water.

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