Steve Jobs Biography Hits Amazon & iTunes With A CBS 60 Minutes Special On Jobs

October 5th, 2011 will for a long time be known as the day when the world lost one of the sharpest minds in the field of technology and business. Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, a true visionary and a remarkable entrepreneur has now been made proverbially immortal with the release of his authorized biography, ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson. This hardcover edition of Steve Jobs biography was preceded by the digital editions of the books that have already made their way and mark on online retail chains such as Amazon and iTunes. However, the most astounding montage to Steve Jobs was given during the highly acclaimed 60 Minutes from CBS News, where in the entire program was dedicated to the Late. Mr. Jobs. As of now the digital edition of ‘Steve Jobs’ is currently available in a variety of mobile device formats, while the hardcover copy of the book is being sold at $17.88 on Amazon, while on iTunes, the e-book is available with a price tag of $16.99.

One of the regions that has reported immense sales and enthusiasm in regards to the Steve Jobs biography is, not surprisingly China, a market that has quickly become one of the most successful outlets for Apple mobile devices. As per reports, the hardcover book went on sale from Monday, across some 30 bookstores in 21 cities. The Shanghai Book City store reported a massive sale figure of 512 books sold in just one hour of the opening of the store. These editions have been especially translated into Chinese and carry a price tag of $10.68.