Stylish Wooden Bookends For Book Lovers

The popularity of the internet and the easy, not to mention free, availability of ebooks have led to a whole generation that may not own any books, apart from the hateful text books they are forced to own. Those who own a great many books please themselves in stacking them up on shelves and may speak of the lost decorative items: bookends.

For most kids of today, a bookend is the last page of a book. Those who use their TVs as places to stack up their favourite books know better. A bookend can be a classy piece of art that shows your sense of decor as well as your love for books. Seth Rollands designs for bookends may be considered if you are into keeping books at home or work. Set experimented with single blocks of wood so that the resulting design would be one chunk of wood, without a break, and not nailed or glued together. Pictured above is the Abanico which appears much like an accordion when two of them are placed together. Seth’s intention appears to be creating new designs by the combination of two bookends.

The bookend pictured below is the Stonehenge. This may be just the right bookend for all your books on spirituality. It is interesting that bookends can be used, thus, to categorise the different books in your collection.


Via: Contemporist