Super Bowl Ad Creates Legal Hassles For Hyundai. Louis Vuitton Files Lawsuit

Super Bowl, which is one of the most entertaining events of the year on American television turned out to be a troublesome topic for Hyundai Motors, as one of the biggest luxury goods manufacturers in the world, Louis Vuitton has now filed a legal lawsuit against the car manufacturer for a super bowl advertisement carried out by Hyundai. The lawsuit accuses Hyundai of trademark infringement, where in the basket ball featured in the advertisement carries the logo of both the companies and thus is leading to confusion among consumers, pertaining to the relationship between the two companies.

The advertisement carried out during the Super Bowl event is targeted towards the new line of Hyundai Sonata cars, that have been represented as luxury automobiles at affordable prices. The commercial shows a huge yacht parked in between two houses, policemen eating expensive caviar and street light being replaced with pricey chandeliers. The conflict arose with the depiction of the brown on brown basketball, that Louis Vuitton states carries the same color scheme as that of its Toile Monogram and also, the markings on the basketball resembles its own logo of LV.

As per the complaint, Louis Vuitton has stated that, with the mass reach of the advertisement via televisions and the internet, Hyundai has allegedly used the LVM Marks to create a falsified relationship between the two companies and hopes to benefit from the Louis Vuitton symbols. The luxury goods behemoth has filed for triple damages, punitive damages, a halt to the alleged infringement along with other remedies.

Via Reuters & NY Daily News

hyundai commercial Super Bowl Ad Creates Legal Hassles For Hyundai. Louis Vuitton Files Lawsuit