Super Gold USB Drive: Super Talent blings out an ultra-cool gold accessory

There is simply no stopping the bling-revolution with cool new gadgets going all gold and really shining bright with style and class. It is hard to get another USB Drive Keychain that is as simple, elegant and classy as the Super Talent 18-Carat Gold USB Drive which makes a complete style statement. While you might find many USB Dives being encrusted with gemstones and crystals, this one looks like a true Pen Drive crafted for men- Solid and Stylish in an understated fashion.

The Super talent USB Drive is indeed the ultimate corporate gift and it is not just the looks that make it special. The 8GB drive features a Pico-C drive, which are known to be incredibly designed, water resistant and support up to 30MB/s transfer speeds, this flash drive is a limited time offer. That is not all you get with this super cool USB Drive. You also get a FIPS certified AES-256 Encryption software, laser etching at no extra cost, a velvet jewelry box, 18-carat gold keychain and a certificate of authenticity- all at a price of just $599.

You might be calling me crazy, but while we are not aware of its dimensions, if the USB Drive is small enough, then if makes for a hell of a pendant for a guys chain. I have seen people wearing bigger, shinier and more ungainly stuff, so this really is not all that bad. But of course, that is more of a cool-punk gift rather than a corporate ‘suck up’ gift. I know, we all prefer the cool-punk style!

Via: Slashgear / Supertalent