SW Speakers Release Ceiling Mounted Hanging Speakers From Nessma Series

SW Speakers have designed a ceiling mounted hanging speaker that creates the impression of the sound coming from the skies. SW Speakers is known for their unique and distinct designs that incorporate the best of technology. Some of their more sophisticated designs that were highly appreciated by the market were the Magic Flute series and the Figaro series and the garden speakers. Their new hanging speakers are part of their Nessma series and are sure to appeal to their elite customer base. They are very sophisticated speakers both in terms of design and technology. The speakers have been crafted out of carbon fiber and come with an adjustable hanging cable.

The Basic Model of the Speaker Costs $3,883 Each

The hanging speakers from the Nessma series are available in all RAL and carbon fiber color. The sophisticated speakers come at a price. The basic model is priced at $3,883 each. Every individual speaker has been designed as a single closed cabinet unit. These speakers are perfect for surround sound systems and add to the sound quality as rear speakers. The unsuppressed sound quality of the speakers has to be heard to be believed. There are single 5 inch drive units that come with a tweeter in case you don’t have sufficient space to place multiple speakers in the room. The speakers are capable of handling a wide range of signals as the tweeter boasts of a range between 2KHz and 30 KHz and the top end woofer can handle a range between 30 Hz and 3KHz.

Nessma Hanging Speakers by SW Speakers

Ceiling Mounted Hanging Speakers Are Relatively Light at 7Kg Each

The size and the shape of the speakers in the Nessma series can be deceptive as they appear to be heavy but are relatively light at about 7kg each. They can be shifted for a new configuration easily. The speaker sets are powerful for their size as for the short term operations they are capable of delivering 220w. But for the longer term the sound output is more like 80w each. The new series of Nessma speakers have become available on SW Speakers’ site and you can visit it to find more details and specifications of the speakers. And if you like them you can place your order as well.