Swine Flu: UK on High Alert

After as many as 20 cases have been confirmed in the USA and 81 dead in Mexico due to the fast spreading swine flu, heath officials in the UK have been on high alert as well. Two people in Scotland have been hospitalized after they had symptoms of the swine flu. Apparently, they had just returned from Mexico although neither of the patients had travelled in those areas affected by the swine flu.

UK has been gearing itself to safeguard its nation’s health. Already 500 million pound worth flu drugs are kept ready just in case of an outbreak of this pandemic. The World Health Organization had called the flu as the “international concern”.

The health secretary, Alan Johnson asserted that UK is prepared with the necessary precautionary measures and drugs. However, the researches are still being done on how flu originated, the ways it could be transferable and how dangerous it is. Vaccines will be rolled out as soon as cause of the flu is found out. Experts have said that it will take at least 72 hours to know the extent of the spread of the virus.