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Vanhulsteijn Cyclone Bicycle Helps You Create a Storm While You Ride

Vanhulsteijn is a Dutch company that has designed an elegant looking bike which appears as if it is defying the gravity. The Vanhulsteijn Cyclone Bicycle is handcrafted with Sturmey brakes, Rigida rims, Vittoria Runion

Swingtrike Is an Amazing Foldable Vehicle that Offers Support

Learning how to ride a bicycle has to be the toughest and most [painful lesson in life. You could fall down and break your leg, or twist your neck and never be able to

Marcos Madia’s Bikoff Concept Makes the Briefcase Part of the Bicycle

Marcos Madia’s Bikoff is a bicycle specially designed for the commute to the office. The briefcase is also central to the design of the Bikoff. If you want to ride a bicycle to the

Bigdog, a new way to bike

Despite the bike being an invention of over one hundred years, this transportation has gained momentum in times of

Biomega’s Uber Cool Urban Bikes, LDN and NYC

The Ross Lovegrove designed bike, LDN for Biomega is the ultimate bike for the urban setting. Another equally urband and smart bike is called NYC and has been designed by the Denmark based design

A bike for tools

The TATO company, Switzerland, set up with a bicycle adapted for carrying folders, notebooks, books, boxes and other on the bike frame, and promises to relieve the discomforts of carrying objects for cyclists. The

Halo: A Bicycle Lock that Alerts You of Thieves

Designer Steve Hunt has become the talk of the town, thanks to his Halo bicycle lock which looks other worldly. The lock helps you guard your cycle from thieves. Bicycle thieves may have been

A Bike that is Street Legal with F1 and Euro-fighter Parts

There are times when you would want to buy a bike that is completely out of the ordinary. In such a situation the normal procedure would be to ask around, and find the best

Bergmoench : A Backpack Bike Designed by Koga

We have just discovered an unusual bike called “Bergmoench” designed by Koga. The unique feature of this bike is that it can be folded into a backpack. The bike has been designed to make

Osloh Pants from Brooklyn, NYC: Cool and Fashionable Trousers for Cyclists

If you are an everyday cyclist or a commuter cyclist then, perhaps you wouldn’t want to miss these beautiful Osloh pants from Brooklyn, NYC. The Osloh pants were especially designed for the fixed gear